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After seeing the sling in the hands of Jhanvi Kapoor, people made fun of it and said that something always happens.

Welcome to entertainment news, here we are going to talk about Jhanvi Kapoor, who is one of the Indian actress Janhvi Kapoor, who has made a very good fan following on the basis of her model, here is a video coming Where Jhanvi Kapoor’s hand has got fractured and due to hand fracture, she has wrapped cloth in her hands, in this way people have started making a lot of jokes, here this video has been made in different types. Has been shared on the account and on many other accounts, where many people have made funny and funny comments about Janhvi Kapoor, here you can see in this video where Janhvi Kapoor’s hand is fractured. It is done

This was a fracture in his hands, due to which he is facing this problem, where it is clearly written here that in the end, a lot of treatment is required to maintain his health and fitness. Many people here have made very tremendous comments, here people have said that they have got a hand fracture, so who are they called clothes, along with this, there has been a very tremendous comment here where it is written. It has been said that something always happens to Janhvi Kapoor, so many people have blessed here that it will be cured very soon, then some people have also said that her figure is bad, which means that this kind of Even after watching photos and videos, people pay a lot of attention to their figure, that’s why actors and actresses maintain themselves a lot, for which I think a lot of expenses will have to be incurred, so this is the latest of Janhvi Kapoor. can watch the video

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