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Akshay widhani appointed as new CEO of Yash Raj Films Official statement released through Yash Raj Films

Yash Raj Films, the biggest company of the entertainment industry, has been appointed today, let us tell you that the name of the new CEO is Akshay widhani , by whom this company will now be run, which is a very big production company and big films. Yash Raj Films is known for giving you what you guys get to see either inside Bhojpuri or with Bollywood and other languages ​​and multiple languages ​​Yash Raj Films works and it is appointed in a big company Akshay widhani, who is related to finance and related to company’s operations, is eligible for that post, here you have been provided with the official statement below, here you can rate the official statement and get the latest information. can do

Let us tell you that the age of Akshay widhani is just 22 years old, and within 22 years he has been installed as the CEO of Yash Raj Films. He was associated with the association of Yash Raj Films since he was a year old and he started his career as a manager in the studio of Yash Raj Films and in view of his leadership and work, the company appreciated his status and appointed him as CEO. have been established which can be a big deal, likewise join telegram channel to get the latest news

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