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Deepika Padukone gave such a pose under water that people said will you do potty under water? 🤣😀

Deepika Padukone has recently clicked a photo giving a different type of pose in the water, which as soon as she shared it on her Instagram, her fans have started calling her bad, where some people have started calling her bad. It has also been said that what is happening under water, potty has to be done, what is potty doing under water, we get to see comments like this, which can be quite a funny comment.

Deepika Padukone shares photo in Potty Pose: If we look in detail, here is a completely different photo of Deepika Padukone shared in a different style, giving a different feeling to her fans. The photo she has shared here, more than 64 million people have followed Deepika Padukone on her Instagram, which is a very hot photo, here she has clicked the photo of her wearing a swimming dress and Deepika Padukone has done a different style in a different way, like people sitting potty, her photo has also been clicked in this way and while posing in this way, people have started commenting too many bad things where you If you read his comment

Then you will understand yourself and you will fall down with laughter because after sharing this photo of them, people did not have any peace of mind at all and people broke all tolerance towards them and directly their comment box. Entered in and told them to putty directly and the pose that supplied them is being liked by the people and this pose is becoming quite viral on social media and other platforms, this photo is being liked by the people. Even more is being seen, because of this post, Deepika Padukone is reading a lot of bad and good comments in front of her fans, such comment medium Hindi can be very fiercely viral, if you want to see the comment, then her social media account You can see people by going to Instagram

If you are able to see the photo of Deepika Padukone here, then tell here that the benefit of about 2 photos has been shared, if you see it today, send the photo of Ananya Pandey, you get to see the same way but Ananya Pandey She has got the photo clicked underwater in a different style wearing a bikini, tell that here it may be that the photo has been clicked under water or apart from this it may also happen that the photo has been clicked inside the water. Apart from clicking, it can also be edited somewhere and due to editing, the photo can appear in this way but I am not saying this but some people’s thoughts are coming in front of people, due to which Padukone has to face a lot of shame. In the same way, join our telegram channel to get the latest entertainment news and information, apart from this, you can also follow our google news portal, where you will get to see news related to the latest entertainment. will go

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