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Deepika Padukone wore a very bold dress, cut in such a place that fans got angry

We are going to talk about Deepika Padukone, who, after returning after promoting her film, was wearing such a dress, due to which it became very viral on social media, if you people see this dress, then you will be completely shocked by the swimming pool. The dress will be seen that means that she went for promotion wearing a bathing dress and people have made very good and bad comments who have clearly written that either wearing swimming dress has come in a hurry and wearing swimming dress like this The video is becoming increasingly viral on social media as well, let us tell you that Deepika Padukone is engaged in the promotion of the movie Deephayan, which is coming on Amazon Prime Video.

Deepika Padukone wore a very bold dress,
Deepika Padukone wore a very bold dress,

Which is a lot of Deepika Padukone and Ananya Pandey, which will be released on 11 February 2022, in the meantime, when she was going out, many people came forward to take her photo, she was wearing a jeans dress like this. After seeing Jin, people did not say that people did not like it at all Because sometimes they have to face embarrassment because of wearing short clothes, it is done by people because of fashion, that is, whenever people do not like them, they go.

People told this dress of Deepika Padukone as swimming dress

If you guys look carefully, then the dress that is completely above here looks like a swimming dress which is failed, wearing the same kind of haste, Deepika Padukone went out for promotion. People started commenting in such a way that they have worn such clothes very soon and the clothes they are wearing have deteriorated i.e. Urfi has become like Javed and people started trolling them too much. However, if you see people, they are not always trolled anywhere, but because of the voice, they are being commented on by the people for a lot of good and bad comments, which came out of its depth for the promotion of the movie. To get the latest entertainment news and information, join our telegram channel where you people have news related to the latest entertainment and will continue to see the information.

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