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khiladi trailer: Ravi Teja’s film gave a big blow to Bollywood, people were impressed by the background music of the trailer

khiladi trailer: Welcome to Entertainment The trailer of the movie Khiladi has been released on the official YouTube, where Ravi Teja is seen acting in this film, this film of Ravi Teja, you will get to watch the movie on YouTube You can go to theaters on 11th February 2022, the movie will be released in theaters on 11th, while Bollywood will be less Badhaai 2 movie is also going to be released on 11th February to you guys, now these two films will have a full fight Because Khiladi Movie Ever Official Statement Has Been Released Where The Movie Will Be Crowded In Hindi Language But The Movie Is Not Yet Released The Trailer In Hindi Language Although The Trailer Of The Movie Has Been Released In Telugu Language Seeing the trailer of the movie,

all I have to say is that the movie is going to be a lot more black booster and more special, in this way a lot of people are eagerly waiting for this movie because of the background music given in the trailer. Even more craze increases because here And more and more it goes to the background music and if the background music is good, the movie is of attitude and a lot of action and thriller is shown in it, then that film is necessary that more and more people like that film. Here Ravi Teja’s film has raised its flag on almost everyone because this time Ravi Teja’s film will be released on 11th February, along with Rajkumar Rao’s film is coming in between you guys which will release each other on 11th February. may have to face

khiladi trailer
khiladi trailer
  • Release date: 11 February 2022 (India) Trending
  • Director: Ramesh Varma
  • Music by: Devi Sri Prasad
  • Cinematography: Sujith Vaassudev; G.K.Vishnu
  • Production companies: Pen Studios; A Studios

player movie credits

Talking about the credits of the movie Khiladi, here the production house of the movie is worked by this studio and the name of the movie is Khiladi and the movie is produced by the producers Satyanarayan and Ramesh Varma, if we talk about the hero. Here you will see Meenakshi Chaudhary and Dimple Hayati acting in Ravi Teja and Heroine, this movie has been directed by the director of the movie, Ramesh Verma and music director Devi Sri Prasad has included a lot of background music even if you guys are in the trailer. You can enjoy it, the music has been uploaded on Aditya Music on YouTube, from where you can also enjoy the trailer, similarly join our telegram channel to get the latest news and information, where you can get the latest news. You will continue to see news and information related to entertainment, I hope that all the information given here will be useful to you.

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