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Moni Rai shared a very hot and sexy photo with Sooraj Nambiar in the celebration of 1 month of her marriage.

Moni Rai’s very hot photo has been shared here through Bollywood Bubble, where you can tell people that 1 month has been completed and they have also celebrated people and together or photos on this very much. It is going viral in which you are seen looking at people with a lot of work, who are seen fighting with each other in this more awesome photo here with your husband, then in the second photo you guys Will be seen where Mouni Rai and Sooraj have not acted but have been loved in real and if you see people here, you will be seen giving photos to people in a very different style in the swimming pool. Have been with Sooraj, where both of them have clicked the photo while posing for each other and this photo is also becoming very fiercely viral in the media because the photo is also being shared fiercely by the people in the media.

Let us tell here that the photo of Monu Rai that you people get to see. She is very hot and romantic and sexy photo in this, if you see people, you can see people completely where people have also commented very well and are not tired of praising them at all. In this way, you can also share this photo of Moni Rai on social media and you can also comment by visiting, you can also reach us through our website.

Recently, this photo of Moni Rai and Sooraj has been shared on the Bollywood Bubble account, where if you see people, more than 1000 people have liked it and the comment has been commented by 6006 people in this way. Can get much more popular TV or video or photo because it has been shared recently Moni Rai and Sooraj were married just 1 month ago i.e. in the month of February where the media is completely at their home as well. They were married in the month of January and February and now both of them have shared a tremendous photo together, so you can see their photo and in the same way, to see the latest photo, you guys Join us and also join our telegram channel where you will get to see news information related to latest entertainment.

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