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Mukhachitram Teaser: This suspense and thriller movie to be released in 2022

Mukhachitram Teaser: Hello and absolutely hello friends, welcome to Entertainment News, you must know about South Indian Mukhachitram Teaser, this time South Indian movie is spreading its momentum in India and at present time another one The teacher of the new movie has been released, which will be released to you very soon in 2022, here let us tell you that Mukhachitram movie which is a South Indian film, this film can be released in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam language. Apart from this, if the movie has a good response, then after some time the movie can be released on YouTube by dubbing in Hindi. Along with this, you will get to see Murder Mystery Movie, apart from this, you also get to see Medical Murder, it is built on medical and science, how will you like the film, definitely watch it once.

Talking about the movie, we will get to see the star cast in this film by Vikas and Priya Vadlamani and Chaitanya Rao and Ayesha Khan have done well in the movie. Talking about the cast and Kairu in the movie, then this film The name of the producer is Sandeep Raj and the music of the movie has been provided by Kala Bhairava. Apart from this, if done after the meeting, editing has been done by Kodathi Pavan Kalyan. Apart from this, cinema photography has been done by Srinivas. This film has been directed by director Gangadhar. The trailer of the movie has been released on YouTube on Aditya Music channel, from where you can enjoy, apart from this you can also see the picture of the movie teacher here. will get

Mukhachitram Teaser:
Mukhachitram Teaser:
  • Cast: Vikas Vasista, Priya Vadlamani, Chaitanya Rao, Ayesha Khan, Sunil
  • Written & Produced by Sandeep Raj
  • Music by Kaala Bhairava
  • Edited by Kodati Pavan kalyan
  • Cinematography by Sreenivas Bejugam
  • Directed by Gangadhar
  • Banner: Pocket Money Pictures
  • Presenter: SKN
  • Audio: Aditya Music

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