nikamma movie budgets & box office collection

nikamma movie budgets & box office collection: Hello and bellcome friends, my name is Santosh Kumar Tiwari, I am going to tell you about the budget and box office collection of Nikamma movie, if you are connected to our website, then you will get a lot of information through our website. Friends, if you come away from our friend and want to know how much budget was spent choosing the movie, how much is the box office collection of this movie, then I am going to tell about all these things through you guys, friends, I will tell you guys. Two, if you want to know about all the photos of this movie, then you stay connected to my WhatsApp so that I can provide you a lot of information through my website Joshi like you guys know that I am among you guys If I come with a lot of confirmations, I will tell you that at what time the movie was released, how much box office collection it has earned.

India Box Office Collection Summary

India Box Office Collection Summary
India Box Office Collection Summary
DayCollection Amount
Opening Day0.51 Crore
End of Opening WeekendPending
End of Week 1Pending
Total Collection0.51 Crore

While talking about an India box office collection family, let me tell you that in 12 22 about the device and collection amount, then in the opening day, zero point was a collection of 51 crores, if you talk about illegal 14 wickets. He has read in the pending, if we talk about his life and then talk about the total collection by making a painting, then zero point had collected ₹ 100000 in 51 crore rupees, then it can be guessed whether ₹ How is the movie that collects 100000 movies

nikamma movie details

Theatrical release poster
Directed bySabbir Khan
Written byVenu Sriram
Sanamjit Talwar
Screenplay bySabbir Khan
Based onMiddle Class Abbayi (2017)
by Venu Sriram
Produced bySony Pictures International Productions
Sabbir Khan
StarringAbhimanyu DassaniShirley SetiaShilpa Shetty
CinematographyHari K. Vedantam
Edited byManan Ajay Sagar
Music byScore:
John Stewart Eduri
Amaal Mallik
Vipin Patwa
Gourov Dasgupta
Sony Pictures India
Sabbir Khan Films
Distributed bySony Pictures Releasing
Release date17 June 2022
Running time148 minutes
Box officeest.₹51 lakh

So we were going to talk about that, I am going to tell you the complete information about the Nikamma movie. If we talk about it, then it is Shri Ram ji and it is Sabir Khan ji who does the screenplay, if we talk about Chandan Bhai, then madam class is now Holi 2017 video if Shri Ram talks about its music by then Jahan ji and Javed Machine Hi hai dil vipin ki hai aisse talk about production then Sony Picture of India Sabir Khan Films was released on 17th June 2022 while talking about permission, if i talk about running time then i Let me tell you guys that its running time is 48 minutes if we talk about country then it is made in India, if we talk about it then it is made in Hindi if we talk about box office collection. I have collected Rs.100000 through Chowk.

nikamma movie Box Office Collection

ScheduleCollection Amount
India box office Nett:-0.51 Crore
India box office Gross:-— Crore
Overseas Gross:-— Crore
Total Worldwide Collections Gross— Crore

Hello friends, we were talking about the world wide box office collection, friends, I will tell you guys how much the movie has earned, what is its box office collection, how much weight was put in this movie about everything. If you get to see, let me tell you that the box office collection of Nikamma movie is not very good, but it cannot be guessed that the box office collection of Nikamma movie is very good. Let’s talk if India has done a collection of zero point 51 crores in box office collection and if we talk about India box office, nothing is known about it, total collection has collected collection zero point 51. Crores of rupees have been collected i.e. 1 or ₹ 100000 collection, so it cannot be guessed how good or good this modi is or if it is going to be good, then you yourself will come to know later which movie is complete. about history

Nikamma Budget

Nikamma Budget
budgetBudget: 23 Crores

Hello and bellcome friends, let me tell you that how much weight was put in the movie Nikamma, then we talk about the same, let me tell you that the budget in Nikamma movie is only ₹ 23000000 or not just on production on five crores. Five crore rupees were spent in the process, which was spent in the production of this movie Total collection Total budget was worked by putting 28 crore rupees in it Nirmala movie also net on overdraft cross production budget 30 crore advance 5 crore It is made by investing Rs. How is it that whatever information you were going to give to you people through our website, I have given all the information to you people through my other

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