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People go to theaters to watch Pushpa film, Pushpa’s collection will increase when the theaters open in Haryana and Delhi

Pushpa movie became very famous, this film was written on auditee but or the film is still not to be seen online by the people and people are going to the cinemas to see the movie because they The fun of watching in theaters is something else because theaters are surrounded by sound from all sides, there are big screens, which you cannot enjoy at all on the OTT platform, that’s why people come to theaters to see Pushpa’s film.

Pushpa Movie broke all the records
Pushpa Movie broke all the records

Going in and for your information at the present time, let me tell you that Pushpa movie has not reached 100 crores Pushpa’s collection has reached ₹ 97000000 Pushpa’s collection has gradually started increasing again if If the cinema hall of Delhi and the cinema hall of Haryana are opened, then there is a lot of performances from Pushpa’s movie, then Pushpa movie can reach 100 crore club from here, she has performed very well and the reason for this performance people still book from phil If you want to see the film and go to see it, then in this way if you talk about the film, then this movie is going to prove to be a lot of batter because in it the whole rule has been changed,

the existence of the business itself. It has changed, after the arrival of any film, the cinema hall becomes dry and no one goes to the theaters to watch the film, but Pushpa film is such a movie that despite being released on the OTT platform, Pushpa Movie People want to see it in the theater and are going to see it, in this way Pushpa will also do very good box office collection and its box office collection will go up to 100 crores if the theater gets open then box office of Haryana and Delhi Collections can grow rapidly

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