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Prithviraj will be released simultaneously in Tamil Telugu language, poster released

Prithviraj, which is Akshay Kumar’s own movie, was announced long ago to release the movie in Hindi language, but at present, this movie will also be released in Tamil language and Telugu language, where Prithviraj Chauhan Movie Many people cannot watch online sitting at home, rather they have to go to the theater, tell that today the new poster of Akshay Kumar’s movie has been released where all these posters have been released in Tamil language and Telugu language and the movie’s poster has been released. The release date has also been fixed, the movie will be released in India in Telugu language and Tamil language on June 10, 2022, in theaters where a very big and very attractive movie is coming in between you and the star cast in the movie. Will meet to see acting in the movie by Sonu Sood and Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt

Let us tell you that the shooting of Prithviraj movie is almost completed and the final release date of the movie has also been announced, now this time the result of the movie will not go away at all because here you will get to see the big superstars on the screen. For which people were eagerly waiting for this movie since almost 2019 And the movie will be dubbed in other languages ​​and will be launched on the big screen on the movie completely among the people, you can see all these posters below where the poster has been launched in Telugu language and Tamil language, almost here 3 to 4 posters are available to see, all these posters have been done recently in Prithviraj by Karkar.

To see Prithviraj Movie Tamil and Telugu Poster, about 4 posters have been released here and the details about them have also been told here, let us tell you that Taran Adarsh, who is a kind of trade analyst, is here by him. The information has been provided and the poster has also been shared where the movie poster has been shared in Tamil Telugu and a lot of publicity has also been done among the people, so you guys can see here that How to see information, this can also be a very big initiative of Akshay Kumar, join our Telegram channel to get entertainment news and information like this about this film, for which you will get the latest entertainment Will continue to see news information

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