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Samas Nawab Siddiqui’s Upcoming Movie “You Are Not My Husband” Script Completed! star cast hunt

WELCOME TO ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Aapka Samas The scripting of Nawaz Siddiqui’s another upcoming movie You Are Not My Husband has been completed which is a movie on women, the search for the main star cast for this movie is still on for your information. Let us tell you that recently the scripting of a new upcoming movie named You Are Not My Husband has been completed by Samaj Nawab Siddaki, the script has been completed and now a new star cast is being searched. To be able to go ahead and be able to play the female character because this character is going to be very complicated, after hearing the name of the movie, it seems that this film is going to be completely based on her, for you to see other things besides comedy. If you meet, this film can be very good for you too, whose name is You Are Not My Husband.

Here Taran Adarsh ​​who is Katrina’s latest tweet about Samas Nawaz Siddiqui has said that he has completed his scripting and now he is looking for a new character who fits well for his star cast. If taken in this, now let’s see which stars work in the test, in the same way, join our telegram channel to get the latest news and information, where you can see the latest news and information. will see you

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