Udaariyaan 30th June 2022 Written Update (30/6/2022)

उदयियां लिखित अपडेट

Udayiyaan 30th June 2022 Episode Written UpdateSerial Colors. Udriyaan 30th June 2022 (30/6/2022) Read written update with firstpostofindia.com

Summary Main story:  Udayiyan Main story yet to come Please stay with us…

Newscast Live Days:  Monday to Friday.

TV Show Language:  Hindi

Current Beginning Update:  30 June 2022:(30/6/2022)

 Our Official Site Firstpostofindia.com Udayiyaan 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update Read  . Now, Udayiyaan starts 30th June 2022 Written Episode Updates Shampy says Jasmine who is that crazy girl. He wanted that toy fun, still he didn’t give it to her. Jasmine tells that it is ok and takes her to the storeroom to get some other toys. She sees the fireworks there.

She shares with Champy what she needs and leaves from that point to get a milkshake for him. Tejo fixes the toy fan and plays with her on the porch. Shampy fireworks Seeing this, Jasmine bursts out laughing. Jasmine goes to the family. She provokes Abhiraj and the girl. They dance and play music clearly.  They all dance. Jasmine leaves without anyone’s knowledge. Shambhu comes to the courtyard with fireworks.

He has to alert Tejo not to give the toy fan. So he puts that fireworks on the floor and lights them. he runs from that point. Jasmine sees this and smiles Tejo gets scared because of the impact of the firecrackers. Tejo screams for help, yet her family does not hear her scream because of the noisy music. Jasmine gets happy seeing this. Jasmine Returns to her family and comes to the dance floor with them. She feels that Tejo is coming to destroy her satisfaction. Tejo comes to her room and shouts Fateh’s name out of fear.< /p>

She remembers the stunt that Fateh used to help her when she was nervous. She closes her eyes and touches her face with her fingers. The opposing side is in Fateh Sabha. She Tells Tejo and touches her face with his fingers. He wonders if Tejo is fine. He goes to the meeting and asks Sandhu to be aware in case Tejo is recovering.  He asks why no one is accepting his call. Jasmine comes up and asks why Tejo hasn’t come down the stairs yet. Jasmine is stunned to find Tejo calm. She manages her apprehension effectively. Consider doing away with it.

Shampy tells that he is dry and needs water. Jasmine thinks this is her chance. She says that she will bring water for him. She left. Tejo thinks that if she should go out, she refuses as Satti refused her to go out. Fateh is on the way by cycle. The jasmine closes the primary switchboard, allowing the lights to go out throughout the house. They light candles. Sati goes to give torch to Tejo so that she does not become pure. Jasmine tells that she will give it to Tejo. Jasmine tells that Tejo needs a candle, not a distress light. Jasmine lights a flame and carries it to Tejo.

Tejo thinks that Fateh has arrived. She tells that she is scared and cannot play with him. Jasmine comes with flame. Seeing the fire, Tejo becomes pure. Jasmine taunts Tejo saying that she is scared. She said that Tejo called Fateh to save her.

Jasmine scares Tejo that this room and all that will burst into flames, assuming that this light will fall from her hand. Tejo gets nervous. Rupee gets tensed about Tejo and goes to Tejo. Harman stops Rupi as he has to talk to Rupi about partnership. Rupi says Satti checks. Exclusive stops Satti saying that Jasmine should see Tejo  here Jasmine warns Tejo that the room will be eaten and she runs away from that point.

The family is going to fix Abhiraj’s marriage. Tejo is seen running there. She gets even more nervous seeing each and every candle. She screams and tosses the pad. The family tries to console Tejo, still it doesn’t end. A light falls on the floor covering. The glossy scarf burst into flames. Rupee pours water to extinguish the fire.

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