Upcoming Bengali Web Series 2022 & 2023 List

Upcoming Bengali Web Series 2022 & 2023 List: Hello hello and bellcome friends, I am going to tell you people that UP Coming Back web series and what has been made in Bengali language, I will tell you how many websites this web series has come to our UP in 2022 and 2023, our UP coming i.e. our OTT. If the platform has been released or is about to be released, then anyone who talks about it, as if I now tell that the movie is very good, very super hit movies, I will give you all the information about the movie.

I am going to give you all the things step by step through the website, so if you are associated with our child, then you are going to get a lot of information through our website, then friends like I tell you. That is very good, I am going to tell you the complete information about what has been released on our website, friends, if you are connected to our website, then you will know the names of people, then I am going to tell you all the things through my website. Am friends if you guys know about everything If you want, then you have been connected to the website, then you guys are going to give all the information through our website.

Web Series TitleRelease DateOTT PlatformGenre
Sampurna22 December 2022HoichoiCrime, Thriller, Drama
Encrypted10 June 2022HoichoiCrime, Thriller, Drama
Refugee10 June 2022HoichoiCrime, Thriller, Drama
Montu Pilot 211 May 2022HoichoiRomance, Drama
Sabrina30 March 2022HoichoiCrime, Suspense, Thriller
Tiktiki18 March 2022HoichoiCrime, Suspense, Thriller
Sundarbaner Vidyasagar11 March 2022HoichoiCrime, Suspense, Thriller
Rawkto Bilaap18 February 2022HoichoiCrime, Suspense, Thriller
MandaarFebruary 2022Amazon Prime Video
Crime, Drama
Byadh11 February 2022HoichoiCrime, Thriller, Suspense
Mukti26 January 2022ZEE5Action, Politics, Thriller
Uttoron26 January 2022HoichoiAction, Politics, Thriller

So as we talk, friends will first tell about the name of the website, after that you will tell people about the release date, after that tell about the platform, after that tell about the train, then tell that which is 22 Was released on December 2022, was released on the OTT platform Hui Chori, from which you guys got to see the crime alert drama, then we talk about Rafi, released on 10 June 2022 in which you guys got to see the trauma. Had met Hardoi, we all talk about Reena, then Sab Dena Dakshin which was released on 30th June 2022, but he got your opinion on WhatsApp to see the troll if we talk that that That that was released in that bus happened on 18th March 2022 in which crime and you got to see 17 days if we talk then there was another release in Rawat block from 18th to 18th February 2022 to see with line and love and let me tell you that the temple was released in february 2022,

amazon prime video is from the top in which 8 people Drama was seen in the embroidery and such Baba was released, which was seen on February 11, 2022, on the note diary that came on Holi, such friends write the names of all the members among you, through the former. You can also know the name of all those things, about all those things, you guys are going to be completely confirmed, so friends, I have given you all the things through my friend in the above, now through that all Can take information knowledge

Upcoming Bengali Web Series 2022 & 2023 List

Upcoming Bengali Web Series 2022 & 2023 List
Upcoming Bengali Web Series 2022 & 2023 List
Web Series TitleRelease DateGenrePlatform
Feludar GoyendagiriJuneMysteryHoichoi
SampurnaTo be announcedNot KnownHoichoi
KaragarTo be announcedNot KnownHoichoi
Battalar GoyendaTo be announcedMysteryHoichoi
KaiserTo be announcedNot KnownHoichoi
BodhTo be announcedNot KnownHoichoi
RefugeeTo be announcedNot KnownHoichoi
Khaypa SohorTo be announcedNot KnownHoichoi
ShikarpurTo be announcedThrillerZEE5
RaktakarabiTo be announcedNot KnownZEE5
SwetkaliTo be announcedNot KnownZEE5

So hello and bellcome friends, we are going to tell about the UP law, Bengali friend friend, in which if permission is allowed and was released in all the systems, about which we do not know anything for sure, but still let me tell you that It will be released on the same chowk if we talk about the upcoming website in the year 2030 and we have given you the list of all the web series above, through that you can know the names of all the lists and the names of two things. And you can guess that whatever is going to run on Zee Cinema, brother, you will still get to see which is the name of all the friends in the year 2023, which will be released in the year 2030 for you guys.

If it is going to come in the middle, then in the year 2023, a web series will be released among you people, as you can know that the dream is also going to be released, when is it going to be released, how is it going to be released Is it going to be poor, is it going to come through Bareilly, Shekhar Shekhar Pur Shikarpur is also going to be released and Holi is going to come among you. If I come, then friends, when is your wait going to end, in a lot of redness, in the year 2023, all the things will be deleted among you people.

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